Dysport Injections

Here at Houston Injections, we offer Dysport as one of our remedies for treating wrinkles. 

If you suffer from frown lines between the eyebrows or any forehead wrinkles, this could be an excellent form of treatment for you.

Continue reading to learn more about Dysport, its many benefits, and why it may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is an FDA-approved cosmetic injection containing abobotulinumtoxinA (Botulinum toxin type A). This popular wrinkle relaxer is a safe, effective, and temporary treatment to remove mild to moderate signs of aging. 

Dysport is most commonly used to treat forehead wrinkles and glabellar lines (the frown lines between your eyebrows.) Given its more diluted formula than other neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport sets itself apart for its faster diffusion rate and ability to cover larger surface areas, making it ideal for treating forehead wrinkles.

What is the Process of Receiving Dysport?


Before a patient receives Dysport treatment, we require them to attend a consultation so we can gain a better understanding of their goals and the area they’re looking to target. During this process, we’ll determine the location of the injection site as well as discuss the patient’s medical history so we can ensure we won’t encounter any complications.

Day of Dysport Treatment

Receiving Dysport treatment is similar to receiving dermal fillers and Botox. We’ll have one of our professionally trained providers clean the injection site. We may apply a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort if needed. 

After, we’ll inject the targeted area with Dysport through a needle.

Once we’ve administered the injection, we’ll provide you with instructions on how to properly take care of your skin so you can achieve full results. We’ll also schedule any follow-up appointments with you (if needed.)

After Dysport Treatment 

Now, you’re probably wondering: When will I see my results? 

Luckily, Dysport results tend to set in within just a few days after treatment, with full effects taking shape at about 10 to 14 days. They typically won’t fade until three or four months after the procedure. At this point, we recommend receiving another treatment to maintain the look of more radiant skin.

Benefits of Dysport

Dysport is an excellent way to help you achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance. Below are a few of the many benefits of Dysport treatment.

  • Reduce forehead wrinkles and frown lines
  • Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Can be used to soften bunny lines 
  • Prevent the formation of new wrinkles and fine lines
  • Create a more radiant look that improves one’s confidence


Our goal is to provide all our patients with the highest level of treatment. We encourage you to talk with one of our providers at Houston Injections to see if Dysport injections are right for you. 

Give us a call or book your consultation today!