Treatments curated for you
Treatments curated for you
We will create a specific designer plan for you. We make sure that each one of our patients undergoes a comprehensive and detailed analysis of their problem, need, and expected result. We guide them as to the best course of action. At Houston Injections MedSpa, we’ve worked with real people with real results.

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Our Founder Amy is dedicated to excellence; leading the way in combining excellent service and affordability. Our mission is to create an individual treatment plan for everyone to meet their specific needs and offer them an affordable luxury.

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We invest in the latest technology for precision and higher efficacy.
Specialty Treatments
Specialty Treatments

Laser Hair Removal



For the skin For the skin
For the skin For the skin
For the Skin
For the Skin

Platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss is used to speed up healing and restore hair growth. Platelets are the “first responders” of our body and when extracted in concentrated amounts can speed up the healing process. PRP injections facilitate hair growth by ensuring adequate blood supply to the hair follicle and strengthening the hair shaft.

Remove unwanted hair with our laser hair removal, which beams concentrated light to destroy hair follicles and thereby stop hair growth in targeted areas. It is a very common and easy procedure using the latest apparatus to ensure precision and get the best results. 

Also known as body sculpting, this procedure helps you remove the fats and shape areas of your body as well as tighten your skin. This is a non-surgical option or Lipolysis, that utilizes heat, lasers, and other methods. There are surgical options too like tummy tucks, lifts, and liposuction. Though surgery is riskier and recovery is longer, it produces better results.



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